Two New Books Coming Soon!

The Young Entrepreneur
Want to get started early on the path to financial freedom? This book will help you whether in grade school, high school, or . . . further along. Learn about the abundant opportunities that await you!
Whoops! I’m 50 (or more) and Forgot to Save for Retirement
This valuable, engaging book is focused on saving yourself financial as the eleventh hour is dawning. It’s never too late to implement a plan (thankfully!)

New Book!

Hey, get ready, the next book is coming “The Graduate”, which is about starting out on the right financial foot, before you get in the “redemptive” state where you have to figure out how to get back to zero before you can rise from the ashes. It will make a great graduation gift (and cheap, in keeping with our spirit in the books). Everyone needs one (at least) I’m sure . . .


Welcome to accounting for one another – to quote Charles Dickens “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it for anyone else”. We strive to lighten the burden of financial stress by educating and brainstorming on alternatives, not just cutting costs but also creating more opportunities for revenue. We also strive to help financially in some cases if we have funds available, or to point you towards where help may lie. Financial stress is at the top of the list for causes of divorce . . . so we would hope to alleviate at least one more marriage stress. We welcome ideas from others so that we may all reach out to help each other.