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Please help us help Liz!

Many of you may know Liz Weber as "The Garlic Queen", a familiar and joyful presence at our farmers markets the past few years. But the story behind The Garlic Queen is one of determination, perseverance, hard physical labor, love and now tragedy. Having moved to Buffalo in 2017 to start a new life, Liz bought a small home, planted a garden, and took any job she could get, no matter how demanding. Always hoping to start her own business, she eventually combined her love of gardening and canning to start the her "Garlic Queen" business. Hundreds of pounds of garlic, asparagus, cabbage and other vegetables as well as thousands of jars passed through her home kitchen. Being intelligent and creative, her offerings recently evolved into two very successful products; black garlic and garlic spread. Liz was so excited. All the hard work was paying off. She was on the threshold of commercial success and began looking into custom processing for her new products. And then tragedy struck.
On November 2, Liz suffered a debilitating stroke and was hospitalized in Rapid City. On November 12, she was transferred to Elkhorn Rehabilitation Hospital in Casper. Canning will not be in the near future for Liz, if ever. She has Medicare to cover most of her medical needs, but there are large expenses that must be paid out of pocket, not the least of which is her mortgage on her little house.
Liz is a very loving person and those of us who love her wish to try to help her with her expenses. If you can help us help her by giving any amount, you may donate though this web site. 100% of everything donated will go to Liz and it will be tax deductible to you as this is a non-profit organization. You will receive a document from the site administrator, Roxanne Ostland, CPA (Mohatt, Johnson and Godwin LLC, Buffalo, WY) verifying your contribution.
Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

Karen Buffington, Associate Broker
Coldwell Banker The Legacy Group

*Donations for Liz may be made out to Accounting for One Another and dropped off at First Northern Bank in Buffalo (or any of their branches) or at Mohatt Johnson & Godwin, LLP CPAs at 820 N. Main Buffalo, Wyoming.