New Books Coming Soon!

We are looking forward to releasing our New Book:  Whoops I’m 50 (or more) and Forgot to Plan for Retirement complete with inspirational cartoon drawings – I always liked books better that had pictures-even if the content not so enriching you can at least use it as a coloring book. (Isn’t that the new adult relaxation strategy?) The intro reads: As time marches on with or without your consent, you will find yourself approaching that period in life when retirement may be on the horizon.  This is good news for those that have prepared and horrifying news for those that have not.  If the saying “misery loves company” is a truism, at least you are not alone. According to a survey by the Federal Reserve just under a third of non-retired U.S. households reported having NO retirement savings or pension, including just under 20% of households aged 55 to 64.  A quarter of respondents had done no planning at all.  Of those that did bother to plan, 25% have no idea how they can pay their expenses when they retire.  That brings the “ill-prepared” total to 45% - that is a big piece of the ugly pie.  Many in the age brackets of 55 to 64 plan to keep working as long as possible.  The operative words here are “as long as possible”.  A study by the National Science Institute shows poor health increasing significantly post age 65, a definite consideration in the work equation.  So apparently, one needs to work on the monetary plan while trotting on the treadmill, doing yoga, or kick-boxing. If you are amongst the select “non-planned” retirement group, this is the book for you.  We will introduce you to a number of last-minute opportunities that can help you save your proverbial bacon.  It will, of course require you to actually construct a plan and follow the blue-print, occasionally implementing change orders to the structure as situations change economically.  It is intuitive that if you actually do construct a plan and follow it, you should achieve the desired results.  And, on the other hand, if you do not construct a plan nothing will change in your favor unless you rely on the lottery and other sure-fire methods of getting rich quickly. STAY TUNED FOR THE RELEASE AND OTHER CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS AS THE BOOK EVOLVES!   In the meantime, we continue our quest to read new books searching for ideas to save or grow the cash, the ultimate objective being to be able to assist others.  There is nothing quite like financial stress to decrease productivity, thereby enhancing the problem.  Do check out as a possibility to apply your skill set and gain a few shekels . . . maybe a pile!